Aditya Lall Patel-

Hard drive data recovery is the process of recovering the physical residue left in Hard disk in the electronic form. The process is performed by the experts from computer forensics in which the data is recovered by using certain data recovery softwares.

Most of the operating systems provide some services in which the file when deleted is not immediately removed, instead it is moved to an area in a hard drive where it is encrypted & kept. Many other reasons why this data remanence occurs is when a file is deleted from the hard drive it is still on the hard drive only thing is that file is no more linked with the system directory.

The first phase in hard drive data recovery is to analyse whether the damage is physical or logical i.e may be the hard drive is broken by physical means etc. Logical failure leads to the loss occurred due to incidentally deletion of the file, data corruption etc.

Many reasons of hard drive failure can be illustrated such as improper installations, physical shock, excessive heat caused by motherboard failure etc.

Many a times hard drive PCB is responsible for the loss as the electronic chips embedded in the PCB gets excess moisturize of which program gets corrupted which leads to the data loss. Data recovery is now done by many companies & use of software’s available in the market but always preferable to refer a professional. The data remanence is advantageous to hard disk recovery.

Easeus Data Recovery:

The best software in the market is perhaps the Easeus Data Recovery software which works for all the files whether it is accidently or knowingly deleted or corrupted due to the attack of the virus. This software reconstructs lost files whether it was located on a FAT or NTFS file system. The data recovery is best possible with in a short duration of loss done so as the file deleted is decrypted by the use of certain programs and hence recovered back.

While recovering the data many a times analysis is done twice or thrice to reconfirm the lost or deleted files, some of the software programs also offer advanced mode which is used by professionals by locating the exact location by assigning the correct track or the sector in which the file was located in the hard disk.

The type of file also matters a lot during the data recovery process as one finds easy to find an audio file only from the hard disk or any documents specifically.

On the other hand we also find MAC OS in which windows software doesn’t work instead a program named Diskdrill is found in the MAC systems which help in the data recovery.

Hard drive data recovery is little bit difficult when due to some virus attacks the data gets encrypted in some other formats, as the viruses use certain algorithms which makes the data unreadable.

Many a cases after repairing the hard disk the computer forensic expert interrogates the data and try to recover as much as he can.

To totally ensure that the data is not being altered during the imaging process a write block is used which can either be software or hardware, in hardware in guarantees that the data will never be changed compared to software. Commercial write blocks can be IDE to IDE or FIREWIRE or USB to IDE.

Many other ways to recover the data is the hardware data recovery which is much more expensive as the experts need to disassemble the hard drive completely to recover the data.

Always the hard drive data recovery process is performed in a dust free room, as the hard drives are sealed to avoid errors caused by the dust or other particles present in the air.

These hard drives are finely tuned machine parts and it takes a specialized equipment to read the platters from a physically damaged drive.

Recuva data recovery:

The data recovered by using the softwares like Recuva data recovery, Disk drill which is now also available for windows PC well known for MAC users, the intuitive interface which gives access to all the users whether is a novice or Intermediate can recover the files needed from both the internal as well as external storage devices.

All these softwares follow some algorithms designed by the developers of the softwares which perform a quick scan & through analysis, until all the files needed are found.

Once the data recovery is complete & analysis is done the files need to be backed up to a destination folder so that the files selected are saved to the location defined.

Various warning factors emerge which alerts for a physical drive failure, may be it can show as “Not initialized” in the windows management or any abnormal ticking noise while the drive is reading the data, also we can alert ourselves by the “BEEP” sounds occurring from the system to recognize the error.

Data recovery now a days is simple as the one has to follow the wizard to complete the process of hard drive data recovery.