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All you want to know about Andaman Tour Packages, what are the major points you need to understand before bookings


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To plan a trip to the islands, you will have to look after various key aspects that will be required for you to understand what is best for your trip. Please note that the Andaman is not like a city in mainland India where you just reach and then all things get done after your arrival. A careful planning will help you make a better utilization of your time. This is my detailed perception, which may help you planning your trip.



Andaman trip can sometimes get difficult to deal with because of so many things happens all of a sudden like heavy rainfall causing cancellation of ferries which finally lead to skip the tour for the said day. Hundreds of people offer Andaman Tour Packages. How will you know what is best during your trip? Well, do cheapest tour to Andaman actually means it’s cheapest?

I would recommend you to first check for the flight tickets. Flight tickets usually get expensive in the season time (Oct – March). Book your flight tickets as early as possible. Suggested time is 4-5 months prior. If you are not finding cheap flight tickets during your travel date then put an alert in which will help you find best & low flight fares. Save time, save money! This website will give you regular updates about the price for your travel dates.
Things you need to decide before your trip:
• Destination and places you wish to visit.
• Things you wish to do in Andaman Islands.
• Number of Days you plan to visit, do not plan just 3-4 days. It is too less time to visit this exotic destination. However, if you want, then you can consider a 3 Nights as well, try to take at-least a day trip to Havelock.
• Check for the good hotel and resorts, you might not be getting the same services as in cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai or any other major cities for that sake as it is a small island.



Inn, Andaman Residency, Hotel Marine View, Hotel London, De-meadows etc.

Some even cheaper lodges are Phoenix, Hotel ASM, Hotel Paradise, Ram Niwas, Aashiana Hotel, Hotel Adarsh and many more. These might not have any websites; but still you can contact directly with the hotels.
Havelock Island – V Knot residency, Gold India, Hotel Saurav etc. The cheapest rooms in any known resort are the NON AC Rooms, Eco Rooms or huts in Havelock Island.

Neil Island – Pearl Park resort and Tango Resort NON AC Room are the best options currently available. Hotel Kingfisher or Deep Sea are dead cheap, and can be considered for budgeted tours.
Must Visit in Andaman Islands


Port Blair : JollyBouy Island – Opened only for 8 months in a year. Closed on Mondays
Baratang Island – Closed on Mondays
ChidiaTapu – Always Open
Ross Island – Closed on Wednesdays
North Bay Island – Always Open
Havelock : Elephant Beach for Snorkeling.
Radhanagar Beach – Always Open except after sunset.
Neil Island: Laxmanpur Beach, Sitapur beach, Bharatpur Beach and Howra Bridge can be visited.
Diglipur : Ross and Smith Island, Saddle Peak and Turtle nesting from December-March.

• Always look for the DMC’s (Destination Management Companies) to crack a better deal.
• In order to get a good package try for getting transport/logistic package for Andaman from local tour operators & Accommodation can be booked online availing better discounts.
• Make sure the brand is known and has good visibility and reviews.
• Before confirming kindly compare the deals provided.
• Make sure your itinerary contains the best of the experiences in Andaman. If it is not then customize and add your preferred tours in your itinerary.
• Ask for breakup of the total travel cost as this will help you to understand where you are paying for what.
• Book your ferry and cruise tickets in advance.
• Book your hotels and resorts in advance, as the best ones are mostly sold out.
• Non A/c accommodations can be opted for stay to meet you budget & also if you are not so particular about luxurious rooms.
• If you visit in a group of 20 people or above you will get the best deals. No matter where you stay and what you prefer because you will be travelling in your group and the cost will be distributed which will end up each person spending less amount than for travelers in less number. The discount can go upto 40%.
• For couples, your total cost depends upon the category of hotels, and the places you prefer to visit. Please don’t just go with the initial package cost you see. Also to reduce your cost you can opt for a two wheeler for the tour which is advisable for Honeymooners.
• Always prefer for a flight as ship journey to the islands is pathetic.

The above mentioned points should be taken into consideration while planning your trip.